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Bebe is an exact match to the French word bébé, literally meaning baby! Base your brand on a very short and prestigious four letter name. Memorable 4 letter names in an established extension such as the .io is the sure way to go for your start up or product. Bebe is the perfect choice for a brand in baby food or shopping or for any sort of baby products and toys.

Applicability in the Baby and Kids industry include baby fashion, baby food, baby shopping, baby toys, bebe, kids clothing, kids fashion, kids and daycare, kids and baby, baby clothing, baby clothing line, kids and baby, baby clothes, baby clothes store, baby womens clothes store, baby hospital, baby nutrition, kids and daycare, kids academy, kids clothing wear, kids photography, pet kids, kids books, kids boutique, kids healthy food.

Possible uses for the name include applications in beauty skincare, beauty and cosmetics, beauty products, natural beauty, luxury skin care, natural cosmetic, cosmetic and perfume, aroma therapy, brand perfumes, luxury perfumes, business name for beauty products, woman hair beauty, true beauty, inner beauty, beauty technology, beauty oil products, organic beauty, beauty parlour, bath and beauty, beauty and health, beauty and spa, beauty salon name, beauty sleep, diet and beauty, glam beauty, glam beauty, love beauty, beauty complex, beauty and bath, med spa beauty, mystical beauty.

Applications in retail include online retail, retailer, retailers, business retail, giga retail, e commerce and retail, ecommerce, ecommerce names, b2b ecommerce, ecommerce fashion store, general ecommerce, pro ecommerce, e-commerce, diet beauty ecommerce, shopping, online shopping, online shop name, online shopping app names, world shop, clothing shop, computer shopping, new shopping, personal shopper, fashion retail, beauty retail.

Possible Uses

a Baby Food brand, a Kids or Baby brand, a Beauty or Cosmetics business, a shopping website, e-commerce or retail brand and many more!

Root Words

Key Emotions or Feelings


Other Names Based On "Baby"

Other Names Based On "Kid"

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